Quality processes are not built overnight. Allchip quality control process is a two-stage process that involves developing reliable component sources and then strictly testing components from ISO approved laboratories

Sourcing Management

The majority -60%-of our components are purchased factory and franchise channels. The remaining 40% are purchased through qualified OEM, brokers and open-market partners, who must pass rigorous background checks to ensure their product quality is on par with the demands set by AC.

These checks include a formal application process, performance measurement, credit worthiness analysis and other factors. Once a supplier is approved, our dynamic sourcing team will continuously monitor them to ensure their performance, product quality, and delivery consistency stays at our standard.

Component Testing

Our testers combine their extensive training skills & years of experience with our latest in-house testing facility. Cooperation with the 3rd testing lab also allows us to ensure their functionality and originality before shipment.

External Visual Inspection

AC visual inspection includes checking P/N, Qty, D/C, COO, Rohs condition, moisture indicator, inner & outside package, Pin & Marking condition.

Functional Test

Our 3rd testing lab is more professional in the functional testing on FPGA, CPLD and PLA.

开盖测试 (De-cap testing)

You will determine the authenticity of the chip after de-cap test.

X-Ray Test

Checking the inside structure of the chip, you will see the inner electronics circle and compare the difference in the chips clearly

Soderability Test

Soderability test is testing the soderability in pin based on J-STD-002B to check whether it reaches the standard or not.

Temperature Test

Lead free & ROHS Test

Failure Analysis

Failure analysis is to help customers analyze the cause of product failure and give failure analysis report & conclusions.